All Minecraft Gamers,

Minecraft FTB Sky Adventures.

No website register, no need install Java. Just download choose You name in Launcher [Options] and play.


About Server:

  • FTB Sky Adventures is a survival skyblock style pack which is fun and fast paced. As you progress, you'll be rewarded in-game money which you can use to buy helpful items. You can either choose to follow the quests or venture out and choose your own path!
  • FTB Sky Adventures is a large 1.12 modpack with a mix of tech and magic mods using a new questing system, FTB Quests.
  • For the first time in a FTB pack we focus on fun, fast progression if the player chooses to. Get loads of resources and blocks quickly to build the ultimate sky block base. Dive deep into the tech and magic trees of all mods, and even explore bee breeding!
  • ..and many more!